NOVA Skincare USA (Acorn Tree, LLC) is an exclusive U.S. distributor of Angelina® and CHARIS®, bio-scientific Placenta skin care products manufactured by NOVA Group in Australia. We also import and distribute dietary supplements by Ausway in Australia.

All of our products are authentic, unexpired, and imported directly from the manufacturers in Australia and stored at our warehouse in California, United States. We distribute to medical offices, plastic surgery centers, health stores, skin care clinics, and retailers throughout the United States.

Beware of counterfeit, expired products online.

There are many unauthorized sellers of Nova Group products on ebay, Amazon and other websites. Our manufacturer in Australia never supplies products to be sold on ebay and Amazon except through Acorn Tree LLC, Nova Skincare USA.

Counterfeit products are categorized by:

1) Change in Expiration Date: The sellers purchase expired products for $1-$2 from Australian retail stores and sell with new expiration dates on the boxes. Many have been expired or discontinued 2-4 years ago.

2) Products without Placenta: It is easy to copy cosmetic products. As warned by FOX and NBC news several times, fake products have similar smell, texture, and containers as authentic products, but their products contain toxins. Fake products can cause cancer, discoloration, cell damage, and fungi.

- Homeland Security warns of dangerous counterfeit cosmetics by Fox. 
- Warning on fake make-up tainted by CYANIDE and other dangerous chemicals: Counterfeit versions by Daily Mail. 

Ebay, Amazon or other online sites do not effectively regulate counterfeit products from being sold. Many manufacturers report this problem and warn about the dangers of using expired products.This is especially true with Placenta skincare products which have specific shelf life formulated at a scientific lab.

Fake products have bar codes that show ‘Made in China’, instead of ‘Made in Australia.’ All NOVA Group products are manufactured at Good Manufacturing Practice certified facilities in Australia.

Fake sellers pretending to be authorized sellers in Australia are sending samples to USA stores at low prices. These fake vendors will often use PO box addresses to mask their identities. Our manufacturer never allows them to sell our products. Our manufacturer sends products only to select exclusive Nova distributors.

Nova Skincare USA is an exclusive distributor in the United States. Please report unauthorized vendors and fake products.

Contact us at email@NOVAskincareUSA.com or 949-233-2252 to make a purchase or to become a retailer.